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Education excursions

These are Taylor-made for special learner groups.

SGW team has developed expertise to design practical training programs based on the natural resources. Usually these excursions are organized for groups of students in their last year in secondary school, undergraduates and postgraduates. Some of our past clients include University of Nairobi, department of Land Resources Management and Agricultural Technology (LARMAT), Friends of Nairobi National Park, National University of Rwanda, Livestock Systems and Environment unit of International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) Nature Kenya. A member of the management team at SGW has participated in organizing and facilitating such excursions for the MSc. Conservation and Biodiversity, and Conservation Science and Policy for the University of Exeter, for over four years.


Our programs provide participants with opportunities to sharpen important life skills related to communication, teamwork, problem-solving and leadership. Students may also benefit from academic credits awarded by their relevant institutions, University of Exeter & Cambridge University, for example.

We coordinate community engagement programs throughout Kenya and Eastern Africa in general, which focus on building sustainable partnerships with communities in need. Involvement in our programs leaves participants feeling that they have truly connected with host communities and made significant contributions to their development.


These experiences are designed to help students become responsible global citizens. We have hosted students from Cambridge University Wildlife Conservation Society and University of Exeter students who often come for their field course in Kenya.

Educational Excursions provides participants with life-changing opportunities through community engagement. Very often this includes work on service learning projects, which may see visitors contribute to for example provision of lion lights to communities surrounding the Nairobi National Park. We coordinate all aspects of the programs, which are then run by our carefully selected partners on the ground, who plan so that authentic cultural immersion can be achieved. We collaborate only with organizations that truly benefit the communities in which they work.